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My Progress


♦ Type: Block
♦ Compatibility: Moodle 2.9 – 3.2 (older versions available, but not maintained)

The My Progress block provides students with a quick overview of their progress within a course. Note that only users with the student role can see this block. If a course has Completion Tracking enabled, the following completion statuses are shown:

  • Not Attempted: These activities have not been submitted
  • Waiting for grade: These activities have been submitted and are waiting for teacher response
  • Draft:  These assignments have been saved but not submitted for grading
  • Completed: The completion criteria has been met for these activities (usually this means that a grade has been awarded)
  • Completed – Unsuccessful: These activities did not meet the “grade-to-pass” value

When the student clicks on any of these links, he/she will be shown a list of the respective activities.  This block works best with the Tabs course format, since it uses the same activity completion tracking icons.


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